USB-акамулятор + лампа +часы работающие на воде

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USB Rechargeable Battery Pack for its operation need only water!

4-port USB-to akamulyator phone + LED lamp holder.


Power unit receives from the water.

Providing the energy required for the three mini-run with water, put the battery on the back side, four ports USB, located nodes located in the central part can be connected with a USB cable with your computer phone owner and the time of formation of a spectacular display with LED lights surrounding complex is an interesting watch .USB center at the digital clock on the screen shows the date.

Battery electrodes energy by turning the engine hours mini generator is mixed with water and provides hours.

Water LED lights up only when the clock is connected to the computer USB.

In the middle You can keep your mobile phone, mp3, camera, using the multi-function device may be any object that you want to charge.

No need battery water digital clock completely eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, we live in the protection of the environment, the battery is discharged when the search of the battery and ancient work at home no problem disposing of the battery is not a clock that can be used in any environment.

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