Супер тонкий конвертер напряжение 150 Вт

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The newest and smallest model inverter drive voltage!
150 WATT!
Inverter 12V converts your car has a capacity of 220.
The portable enough to be carried in the size of your pocket.
It will not take much space in the car.
The USB-output of the output capacity of the battery is large that 1 ampere iPhone, Ipod, you can charge the device in your car as fully effective as the Ipad.
Electroshock device in your car, laptop, printer, drill, screwdriver, tablet PCs, camcorders, televisions, irons, electronic gaming devices , electric pumps, electric heaters and coolers, working with 220 volts, such as light bulbs and lighting equipment, and up to 150 W , you can run your car with electronic products.
Weight: 116 grams
Dimensions: height: 9 cm. width: 2.5 cm. thickness: 2 cm.
The voltage of 12 volts (9.6 volts, 14 volts)
voltage: 220 volts
USB: 5,5 V 1 A.
Note: Colors will be sent according to stock status.
150 W inverter, which the device can work?
It is written with a real ability to work on the power consumption of devices devices.
-Notebook 50-75 W
-The printing (up to 150 W)
110W LCD televizor-
-Refrigerator 192-256 m3 70-112 W
-Donduruc 304 m3 112 W
-Elektroşok Devices
30-65 watt-satellite dish-Internet
phone reception was release 5 / 40-150 W
-Fax 35W
-DVD Player 35 W
-Video Player 40-100 W
35-100 W, the CD-player
10 -100 watt stereo speakers
-El Broom 100W
-Seam machine 100W
-Water Tank 100 W
-S Capable 100W
-Traş machine 15W
-Radio 1W
-am / PM Car Radio 8 W
-Electric time 3W
-Akk String lights type 100 Water
-All W LED lamp business.
-Propeller 10-50 W
-Table Propeller 10-25 W

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